Mrs. Pritula's Schedule for 1st Semester

1st hour - Math 7 (8:00 - 8:55)

2nd hour - Math 7+  ( 9:00 - 9:55)

3rd hour - Silent Reading (10:00 - 10:25)

3rd hour- Planning time   ( 10:25 - 11:20)

4th hour - Math 7   ( 11:25 - 11:50)

Lunch (11:55 - 12:20)

4th hour - Math 7 continued  (12:25 - 12:50)

5th hour - Math 7   (12:55- 1:50)

6th hour - Math 7   ( 1:55 - 2:48)


Contact Information:  email me at


 We are excited about having a new math book this year!  It is called Big Ideas.  The website where you can find the book and a ton of resources is

Semester 1:  we will work on Chapters 1-5
Topics that will be covered are: 
Chapter 1 - Integers
Chapter 2 - Rational Numbers
Chapter 3 - Equations
Chapter 4 - Inequalities
Chapter 5 - Ratios / Proportions

Semester 2:  we will work on Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6 - Percents
Chapter 7 - Angles / Shapes / Scale Drawings
Chapter 8 - Circles / Area
Chapter 9 - Surface area / Volume
Chapter 10 - Probability and Statistics


Classroom Rules and Attitudes

Be Responsible

   * Always be prepared

   * Be in your seat at the start of class

   * Have materials out at the start of class

Show Respect

   * Do not interrupt when someone else is talking

   * No swearing, fighting, or teasing

   * Use the words: thank you and please often

   * Do not get out of your seat during lecture time


A Golden Attitude

   Always making today your best day

   Taking pride in a job well done

   Treating others with respect

   Isolating your negative thoughts

   Treating every new task as an opportunity

   Utilizing your talents daily

   Doing the job right the first time

   Expecting positive outcomes daily

   Speaking well of others every day


Grading and Homework Policy

Homework ( 30% of the total grade):

Homework assignment grades will vary depending on the assignment.  The majority of the   assignments will be given 5 points. The 5 points are given primarily for effort and completion, not necessarily accuracy for every problem.

Homework must be neat and complete ( answers only will not be accepted as complete).  Homework is generally given daily.

Please feel free to help your child understand the homework.  Try to avoid telling them the answers, without them trying on their own.

The first part of class is devoted to review and checking homework assignments.  All questions regarding the homework will be answered during this time.  Students may also set up a special time if extra help is needed.

Please note if a student misses a day, it is their responsibility to find out what they missed and complete it within the next two following days.  All homework assignments are posted in the room.


Tests and Quizzes ( 60% of the total grade):

Quizzes are given periodically during each unit.  They are generally based on the previous week's work.  Tests are given after a unit is completed.  Projects are given throughout the year.

Participation and Organization ( 10% of the grade):

Studies have shown that the more one participates in an activity the more they learn and the more they enjoy what they are doing.  I expect if a student is listening they will be able to ask questions if necessary or answer questions.