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My goal this year is to teach my students that being kind can change a persons life, including their own. I want all of my students to leave my classroom not only stronger and more confident with their learning skills, but also with the knowledge that they each have an unique gift to offer to this world and that choosing to LEAD instead of follow will take them to amazing places!

Below you will find my daily schedule.  I use Google Classroom for all of my classes. All students have a class code and access to our class page using their school email. Daily objectives, lesson plans, and homework are posted everyday. Parents can receive daily emails with our lessons for the day if they choose. Please email me if you would like this and are not receiving these emails already.
Google Classroom Class codes. (Please only join your specific hour!)
HMS 1st- kmt67h
HMS 2nd- 5onqx
HMS 3rd- mbafah
EMS 5th- lki8ra
EMS 6th- 9czhln5

Daily Schedule

1st Hour


Science 7

2nd Hour


Science 7

3rd Hour


Science 7

4th Hour
(this includes all lunches)

11:05– 12:28

@ Emerson

5th Hour


@ Emerson

6th Hour


@ Emerson



 Please email only if you have any questions or concerns:


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