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Welcome to Mrs. Kaniewski's 8th Grade Intro to Algebra!


1st hour:   Intro to Algebra + (with Mrs. Downs)

2nd hour:  Conference

3rd hour:  Intro to Algebra + (with Mrs. Downs) 

4th hour:  Intro to Algebra

5th hour:  Intro to Algebra

6th hour:  Intro to Algebra


Contact Information

The best way to contact me is through email:  

You can reach me by phone by calling (734) 744-2665 and leave a message.


Classroom Policies, Procedures & Rules

  • Students are expected to come to class daily with their math binder, book, pencil or blue/black pen, and work due that day.  Mrs. Kaniewski WILL NOT be handing out pencils.
  • Homework is DUE at the beginning of class.  If for some reason a student does not have their homework done, they will need to come talk to me and they may be able to use the 8AM rule
  • 8AM Rule:  Student who are given permission to use the 8AM rule will need to turn in their work the following day in the 8AM basket.  They will receive FULL CREDIT.  If a student ties to use the 8AM rule often, will not be granted permission.
  • Each student will be assigned a calculator to use during classtime.  They are not allowed to take the calculator home.
  • Students are responsible to get absent work.  They will have a few days to make up the work.  There is a folder in the back of the room where students can find EXACTLY what they missed and their handouts for that day.  It will be THIER responsibility to get their work.
  • Their will be a study guide given for each quiz or test.


Classroom Grading

Test/Quiz:  60%            Homework:  30%           Participation/Organization:  10%


Classroom Homework Policy

Homework will not be given on a consitant basis.  I will post homeowrk daily so you know EXACTLY what was assigned for homework.  Homework that IS NOT a writing assignment will be due the next day.